EtherLynx Camera Mounting

EtherLynx cameras should be securely mounted to a permanent or temporary structure and positioned in the plane of the finish line. The height and distance from the finish line depends on the sport and lens used. Ideally (for athletics), it should be placed at a height of at least 7-15 feet, an equivalent distance back and be pointing down at an angle of 45 degrees to the nearest edge of the track.

This positioning is not essential for proper functioning of the system. It simply reduces the likelihood of one athlete "blocking out” someone who is on the outside of them from the point of view of the camera. Large venues will likely have to place the camera further back from the finish line.

NOTE: Lower heights are acceptable, and often useful on the inside of a two camera system, since most people finish on the inside lanes and these individuals (and their hip numbers) will consequently be much larger in the image.