Camera Settings

FinishLynx allows the operator to control the EtherLynx and IdentiLynx cameras in a variety of ways. There are several places in the software where changes can be made:

  • The Camera Settings dialog can be accessed by selecting the camera to be adjusted from the Camera listing in the Hardware Control window or the Information Zone of an Event Window, and then clicking on the blue “i” information icon , or clicking Event | Get info... to open the Camera Settings dialog.
  • Alternatively, the Camera Settings dialog can be accessed by double-clicking the camera name in the Camera field.
  • The settings for Capture, Rate, Height, Mode, Gain, (Brightness) and Orientation can also be adjusted directly from the Camera listing, simply by typing new values over the existing values in these areas and then hitting the Enter key.

Camera Settings in Hardware Control window

  • Capture Before you can actually begin taking pictures of races, you need to tell the software to accept the image sent from a camera. To do this, check that the Capture setting is configured to Yes for the camera(s) you wish to use. The advantage to being able to turn the capture capability on and off is that in a multiple camera setup you may not need image from all of the cameras all of the time.
  • Other settings For all other settings in the Hardware Control window, refer to the information in the Camera Settings for more information.

Camera Settings Dialog

Timer Tab

Camera Settings - Timer

  • Camera Calibration Info click this button to get more information on camera calibration and certification.
NOTE: This tab will appear if the camera has not been calibrated in more than 4 years or if the calibration date is unknown.